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About Canuck Brothers Logistics

Located in Ancaster, Ontario, Canuck Brothers Logistics continues a family tradition of top-quality work in the transport industry. We focus on providing detailed and complete logistics help for truck fleets throughout Canada and the U.S. Since we started in 2016, we’ve used over 35 years of combined experience to offer top-notch services in managing fleets and running logistics operations.

At Canuck Brothers Logistics, we really care about helping your business succeed. We handle every part of your truck logistics with great care and skill. We know how important it is for your operations to run smoothly and on time. Our team works closely with you to create logistics plans that make your routes more efficient, cut down on delays, and improve the overall work of your transport operations.

We’re good at adjusting to meet your specific needs, making sure our solutions fit perfectly with what you’re looking for. Whether you want to get better at planning your routes, cut costs, or manage your fleet better, Canuck Brothers Logistics is ready to help lift your transportation logistics to the next level.

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By optimizing routes, reducing downtime, and ensuring timely deliveries, we help you achieve greater efficiency


We transport goods all over Canada and the United States. We’ve worked with many clients all over North America.


We focus on fine-tuning your transportation routes and reducing operational delays, ensuring your fleet operates at its peak.

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