If your business involves the transportation of frozen foods, one of your biggest concerns is
probably the temperature of your food while it’s in transportation. Once frozen food thaws, it
simply won’t maintain the same quality it had when it was frozen. Thawed food loses moisture
and gives bacteria a chance to grow. This is why it is absolutely crucial for frozen food to stay
frozen until it is consumed. Luckily, Canuck Brothers Transport offers frozen food services in order to transport your frozen food without the risk of it thawing in transportation. With our top-of-the-line temperature monitoring technology and our team of professionals, you can be sure that your food will arrive at its destination completely frozen, with no loss of quality.

At Canuck Brothers Transport, we aim to please our customers. We want you to trust us with
transporting your frozen foods safely and on time. Having 35+ years of experience, our team of knowledgeable professionals is well-educated on the importance of keeping food frozen.
Having successfully transported frozen food across Canada and the United States, we can
ensure that your frozen food will arrive at its destination on time and unharmed.

Having access to the best technology available for temperature monitoring, Canuck Brothers
Transport can guarantee that your food will stay frozen. With TempTrac technology installed in our temperature regulated trucks, our truck drivers will be aware of the temperature of your food at all times. Should the temperature in our trucks change, our drivers will act immediately to restore the required temperature in order to keep your food frozen. By guaranteeing constant, regulated temperature during the entire trip, we aim to deliver your frozen food in perfect condition and on time.

  • Access to TempTrac technology for temperature monitoring
  • Knowledgeable drivers to constantly analyze and regulate truck temperature
  • Transportation across Canada and the United States
  • Punctual deliveries

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We transport everything that needs to be temperature controlled. This includes produce, non-hazardous chemicals, pharmaceuticals, non-alcoholic beverages, seafood and more.


As a transport company with years of industry experience, we recognize the importance of reliability and punctuality. You can rely on us to have your goods delivered safely and in a timely manner.


We transport goods all over Canada and the United States. We’ve worked with many clients all over North America.