Whether your products are temperature-sensitive or not, Canuck Brothers Transport is here to transport whatever you need, whenever you need, to wherever you need. At Canuck Brothers Transport, we offer the best freight services so you can get your products to anywhere in
Canada or the United States. Our team of professionals will do everything possible to get your product to the desired destination in perfect condition and right on time.
At Canuck Brothers Transport, we take immense pride in what we do. Being able to transport products across Canada and the United States is a great service and a privilege for us. With 35+ years of experience, we can guarantee all of our truck drivers are highly experienced and familiar with the job. Not only that, but our trucks are always well-maintained and in the best condition possible. By prioritizing customer service, we can ensure you that our team is highly reliable and that your products will arrive at your destination unharmed. Canuck Brothers Transport offers more than just a well-trained team of professionals. For your peace of mind, we can guarantee that our company uses the latest and greatest technology available. This technology includes TempTrac and Geotab. TempTrac is an advanced, real-time temperature monitoring mechanism so that our trucks stay at the required temperature if your products are temperature sensitive. Geotab, on the other hand, is a highly sophisticated and accurate tracking mechanism, so that we know the locations of all of our trucks, all of the time.
With our top-of-the-line technology and our team of professionals, you can relax while your
products are safely transported to the desired destination on time


  • Ability to transport any type of product, temperature-sensitive or not
  • Access to the best technology available
  • 35+ years of experience
  • Transportation all across Canada and the USA

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We transport everything that needs to be temperature controlled. This includes produce, non-hazardous chemicals, pharmaceuticals, non-alcoholic beverages, seafood and more.


As a transport company with years of industry experience, we recognize the importance of reliability and punctuality. You can rely on us to have your goods delivered safely and in a timely manner.


We transport goods all over Canada and the United States. We’ve worked with many clients all over North America.