Prepass Weigh Station Bypass System

Canuck Brothers is proud to introduce the PrePass Weigh Station Bypass System to our fleet. By using PrePass, we are increasing our efficiency, saving time for our drivers and promoting safety on the roads. 

What is PrePass?

The PrePass Weigh Station Bypass System is an electronic device that lets drivers know if they need to stop at a weigh station or if they are clear to drive through. It is a proven system and is the most widely used bypass system in North America. 

PrePass will notify our drivers if they have been cleared right away, so they won’t need to stop at a weigh station if they don’t need to. Ultimately, this will save time and fuel. 

What this means for our drivers

Canuck Brothers realizes how crucial our drivers are to our successful operation. We want our drivers to feel supported and appreciated. As such, we are always looking for ways to improve our drivers’ efficiency and make their jobs easier. By using the PrePass system, our drivers won’t need to stop to find out whether they need to be weighed. If they are cleared, they can maintain their current speed and drive past the weigh station.

What this means for our partners

As a partner of Canuck Brothers, you can rest assured knowing that your needs are important to us. Furthermore, you can always count on us to make deliveries in a reliable and safe manner. By using tools like PrePass, we’re ensuring the safe operation of our company and improving the efficiency of our fleet.